How to Eat Mochi

Japan has a wide range of exotic foods that foreign visitors are sure to enjoy. Mochi is certainly a popular treat.

Mochi, also known as rice cakes, are something of a delicacy in Japan. Mochi can also be eaten in a range of different ways depending on the context - it can be eaten in ceremonies and functions, such as in New Year ceremonies.

But how exactly do you eat mochi?

Safety Precautions

Before we go on with the different types of mochi, let’s just make one quick note - take little bites and make sure that you chew the mochi thoroughly before you swallow.

If you don’t follow this advice, it can sometimes result in the mochi getting stuck in your throat as it is quite sticky.

As a Dessert

Mochi is most commonly eaten as a dessert, and boy are there a lot of desserts!

First of all is Daifuku. This translates to ‘big’ (Dai) and ‘luck’ (Fuku). This is a little round mochi, and inside of it is a filling that’s usually sweet. Azuki red bean paste is just one example of a filling.

Kinako Mochi is also pretty intriguing. This is made out of mochi and roasted soy flour. It’s a sweet treat with a delectable texture that you’re sure to enjoy.

You can also get something called Ichigo Daifuku. Ichigo translates to ‘strawberry.’ As the name suggests, it’s pretty similar to daifuku but the strawberry part is the important thing to remember. It tastes very sweet and yet is rather chewy thanks to the mochi part.

Mochi ice cream is also pretty popular. It’s a little ball of mochi and it has a filling inside. That’s right, ice cream! This is any sugar lover’s dream. Before eating, allow the mochi ice cream to warm up for a couple of minutes so the dough can return to normal before you eat. This will make it much easier to bite. You can even add mochi ice cream to other desserts and dishes such as espresso or ice cream sandwiches.

In a Dish

Mochi is most commonly known for its function in various desserts, but did you know that it can also be used in various dishes?

For instance, it is sometimes used in Zoni. This is a soup that is traditionally eaten on New Year’s Day.


So the next time that you are interested in some Japanese cuisine, you should certainly try mochi! This delicious food is truly something to enjoy when you visit Japan.

We hope you like it!