How to make green tea taste good

How To Make Green Tea Taste Good

Green tea has so many health benefits which is the main reason so many people love it. It is packed full of antioxidants and also gives you a caffeine kick. This drink is perfect if you need to recharge your batteries after a long day.

If you have ever tried green tea, then you may have been put off by the taste. The taste is very unique. It almost has a bittersweet taste that includes floral and fruity notes. Some people do not like the taste, so have never tried it again. 

However, as green tea is so beneficial to the body, you should definitely introduce it into your diet! If you struggle with the way it tastes, keep reading to find out just how you can make green tea taste a lot better.

How to make the best green tea

The first thing that you should do to make your cup of green tea taste good is to buy top-quality green tea. There’s no point in buying the cheap stuff if you don’t love the taste. A higher-quality tea will have much more flavor.

Once you have boiled your water, you will need to let the tea bag sit. In comparison to other types of tea, green tea only has a short time to sit in water. Aim to remove the teabag from the water sooner than you would for other types. 

The sitting time of green tea can be difficult to perfect at first, but once you’ve cracked it, you’ll never look back. Leaving the tea bag in too long can result in the green tea losing all of its sweetness. 

Delicious additions to your cup of green tea

As well as getting your tea-making method perfected, you can also try other ways to make your green tea taste good. Another popular way of doing this is to add some delicious accompaniments to your cup.

You may be thinking that sounds good, but where do you start? The most popular green tea addition is a slice of lemon. Lemon instantly improves the sweetness of green tea without reducing the nutritious benefits. Adding lemon to your green tea will make you feel revitalized and taste lovely.

If you’re not a fan of lemon in green tea, try adding a natural sweetener. Our go-to choice would have to be honey. In fact, honey and lemon green tea is a winner in our eyes. If you’re into those flavors, definitely try them out in unison. 

Honey in green tea works best if you purchase good-quality honey. Look for honey which is branded as, “raw,” as you will then know that there has been no messing around with any sneaky ingredients. Manuka honey will taste absolutely amazing in your cup of green tea.

If you’re feeling a little bloated or have had a particularly stressful day, why not add some fresh ginger to your green tea. Ginger has so many benefits to our bodies. It is an anti-inflammatory so it is ideal if you have a bad stomach or morning sickness.

Herbs and spices also make a fantastic addition to your green tea. The most commonly added are cinnamon and mint leaves. We recommend adding a cinnamon stick to your boiling water on a cozy fall afternoon. It is the perfect companion!

Mint is great to add to your green tea if you’re making a cold cup. It will add a spark to your cup and really awaken your taste buds. Iced green tea is amazing on a hot summer day. Make up the tea as normal, leave it to lower to room temperature, and then add ice cubes. It is so refreshing!

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