Things to Do in Odaiba

Tokyo is a reputation for being one of the most innovative and surprising places in the world. So, perhaps you wouldn't be too shocked to learn that the city has an entire man-made island in one of its rivers.

Odaiba is an island that sits in the middle of Tokyo Bay. This island is famous for its artificial beaches, shopping centers, and surprising statues. It is a must-visit whilst you're in Tokyo.

Check out our guide to the top 10 things you absolutely cannot miss whilst in Odaiba: 

#10 - Statue of Liberty

No, you read that correctly.

In Odaiba, you will find a miniature statue of liberty, it can be spotted in Symbol Promenade Park.

Why? Well, in 1998, to celebrate the collaboration between the two countries, France lent Tokyo their state of Liberty. The statue was displayed for a year before returning to the Ile des Cygnes in Paris.

The statue was such a hit that Japan installed a replica once the statue returned home. The statue overlooks the Rainbow Bridge and offers some totally unique photo opportunities. 

#9 - Legoland Discovery Center

The Legoland discovery center is just as fun for adults as it is for the little ones. Japan is famous for its strange theme parks but this is one that doesn't disappoint.

Whether you're interested in rides, playing with lego, looking at lego sculptures, or just want to spend an hour or two in the 4D cinema (you'll want some waterproof clothes for this one) - the Legoland discovery center really has something for everyone.

You should set aside around 3 hours to experience everything the Legoland Discovery Centre has to offer. It can get a lot busier during the summer months so please bear that in mind.

#8 - Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge is the main way onto Odaiba. It offers some of the most spectacular views of the city.

This is where you want to be to get a good look at Odaiba's mini statue of liberty (see above), its artificial beaches, the Pallet town fair, and some of the best views of Tokyo.

This suspension bridge spans parts of Tokyo Bay and offers unparalleled views of both the bay and the city. There is only, perhaps one place in Tokyo that offers better views…

That place is the Ferris Wheel in Pallet town. This doesn't have its own section on this list because there are just too many things to do in Odaiba to narrow it down to 10.

However, if you can deal with the height then this Ferris wheel offers breathtaking views of Tokyo and is the best seat in the house for the summer fireworks shows. 

#7 - Venus Fort

If you thought we'd covered all the surprising things in Odaiba already then you are in for a shock. Right next to the Pallet town Ferris wheel you'll find the Venus Fort Mall.

We understand that a mall doesn't sound that exciting… but wait until you see the inside.

The Venus Fort provides us with a Japanese take on Medieval and Renaissance Europe. The fort itself is modeled on a Medieval European village. The roofs of each section are domed and provide beautiful sunset views for late-night shoppers.

At the center of the mall, there is a Renaissance-style Fountain Plaza. Complete with a 2+ floor statue featuring six Roman goddesses and an impressive light show. Another stunning plaza is the Church Plaza which is modeled on a traditional roman temple.

#6 - Gundam Robot

This section is very short because we think the Gundam Robot really speaks for itself. Ever wondered what it would be like to see a 20 foot orange and white robot in the flesh?

Don't worry, you can do that in Odaiba!

During the day this robot transforms from a 20-foot fighting robot into a unicorn. This transformation is coupled with a lights and sound show. In the evening the transformations continue along with blasting Gundam Music and Anime clips are projected onto the surrounding buildings.

To get the best experience we recommend visiting after dark.

#5 - Tokyo Ramen Kokugikan Mai (Aqua City Mall)

Ramen fans rejoice! Odaiba is home to more than one themed park. The Aqua City mall has an entire floor dedicated to the traditional Japanese dish, Ramen.

A typical day at Tokyo Ramen Kokugikan Mai begins with six of the shop keys performing a small opening ceremony for the park. This includes dancing, music, and of course, Ramen.

Tokyo Ramen Kokugikan Mai's true claim to fame is their collection of Ramen restaurants. All six of the restaurants that can be found in the park are internationally award-winning and employ highly sort after chefs.

The whole mall stays open until nine, which leaves you will have plenty of time to sample some delicious noodle dishes. 

#4 - Miraikan, The National Museum of Science and Innovation

If you're at all interested in Japanese inventions and scientific culture then you cannot skip the Miraikan.

The Miraikan, also known as The National Museum of Science and Innovation provides a hands-on tour of the most recent scientific developments in Japan. Visitors of every age will learn something new.

The first thing you will see inside the Miraikan is a giant sculpture of earth hanging from the ceiling. After that, you will be taken on a journey through robotics, asteroids, earthquake prevention, and much, much more.

The Miraikan is open from 10am-5pm (with last entry at 4pm), every day. 

#3 - Aomi Minami Port Park

If you're looking for a place in Odaiba for taking gorgeous Instagram posts, to find a bit of serenity, or maybe even both… You should visit the Aomi Minami Port Park.

The park is segmented into lots of small themed areas. Which will leave you feeling like you visited twelve beautiful parks rather than just one. These themed areas include a fishing location, a Japanese garden, and a viewing plaza.

The park feels like a maze of delights waiting to be explored. A series of ponds weaves its way through the park. Visitors find themselves walking through narrow hedged corridors at one moment, and on an idyllic seaside walk the next.

Why not pack a picnic and make the most of the grassy plaza?! 

#2 - Oedo-Onsen Monogatari

If you are taking a short trip to Japan, or one that doesn't allow you to get out of Tokyo, don't worry. You won't have to miss out on the hot spring experience.

Oedo-Onsen Monogatari is a hotel that offers some of Japan's finest hot springs, world-class street food, and Edo-style carnival games.

Renting a traditional hot spring outfit is included in the ticket price and Oedo-Onsen Monogatari offers a series of sprawling gardens to explore. The site has a series of street food vendors and even has an Edo-inspired festival and carnival games area.

The spa itself consists of 13 natural hot springs, as well as cool pools, and even fish therapy. 

#1 - Teamlab Borderless Digital Art Museum

The Borderless World at the TeamLab Borderless Digital Art Museum is possibly one of the most recognizable parts of Odaiba thanks to social media.

The Team Lab Borderless Digital Art Museum offers a range of interactive art exhibits that will change the way you see art forever. The Team at the TeamLab Borderless Digital Art Museum wanted to create a 'borderless' experience that will blur the boundaries between the public and works of art.

Sound effects, mirrors, floating lanterns and much more make this experience truly unforgettable. We recommend visiting the Team Lab Borderless Digital Art Museum early in your trip so that you have time to return if you want to. 

How to Get to Odaiba

Tokyo is a lot bigger than most people expect it to be. Therefore many don't factor traveling costs into their budget.

Odaiba is a man-made island that sits in the center of Tokyo Bay. It is not within walking distance of many of Tokyo's central attractions. However, Tokyo has a comprehensive system of public transport that will allow you to get anywhere you need, quickly.

Train (option 1 -JR and Yurikamome lines)

Our top recommendation for traveling into Odaiba is to take the train from Tokyo City Station. Here you can get a train on the JR line from Tokyo City to Shimbashi Station. Here switch to the Yurikamome line, and take the train to Odaiba Beach park.

We also recommend people invest in a metro card when traveling around Tokyo, as it will save them a lot of money.

Train (option 2 - Rinkai Line)

If you are not traveling from central Tokyo then traveling on the Rinkai Line maybe your best option. If traveling on this line you won't need to make any transfers.

On this route, your final stop will be Tokyo Teleport Station (in Odaiba).


If you want to travel from Shinagawa Station to Odaiba then your best option is to take the Odaiba Rainbow Bus. It leaves fairly regularly and costs 210 yen. A round trip takes around an hour, and you can buy an 'all-day bus ticket'.

D. Walk (along the Rainbow Bridge)

It is possible to walk across the Rainbow Bridge to get onto Odaiba. The views are breathtaking and it is a nice length walk (only taking 30 minutes).

However, the traffic on the bridge is nearly always heavy. The air pollution in this area is very high, and we would recommend wearing some kind of mask if you wanted to do this walk.