What Candy Bar is Considered Good Luck in Japan

What Candy Bar is Considered Good Luck in Japan

There are a lot of fascinating things in Japan. The food, the traditions and the sights are just a few of the things that are intriguing to many foreign visitors. 

Speaking of the food though, did you know that there is a candy bar that’s seen to be a sign of good luck in Japan?

If the answer is no, let us tell you more!

What Candy Bar is Considered Good Luck In Japan?

The candy bar that is considered to be a sign of good luck in Japan is the Kit Kat! Yes, everyone’s favorite chocolate wafer bar is a sign of good luck in Japan.

In fact, Japan is pretty much the capital of Kit Kats. If you go into a Japanese grocery store, you are sure to find a wide variety of tasty Kit Kat flavors.

What’s even more delicious is the story of why the Kit Kat is considered to be a sign of good luck in Japan.

Kit Kat History in Japan

The Kit Kat made its very first debut in Japan back in 1973, and it became an instant hit. 

Why, you may ask? Well, the Japanese have a phrase: ‘Kitto Katsu.’ It translates to ‘you will surely win.’ Kitto Katsu sounds very similar to Kit Kat, and because of this a lot of people in Japan began to give people Kit Kats in situations to wish them luck, such as for driving tests or exams.

After this, Nestle, who bought Kit Kat later down the road, began to recognize this. They saw that Kit Kat sales would skyrocket during the exam months.

They ended up getting into partnerships with post offices so that Kit Kats could be sent in the mail to students during exams to wish them good luck. 

This is the only candy bar to have this kind of impact.

When the turn of the millennium came, the Kit Kat became even more popular. New flavors were released, such as strawberry which made its debut during the strawberry season in Hokkaido. There have been many more flavors released since in Japan.

Different Kit Kat Flavors In Japan

Since the Kit Kat is such a big hit in Japan, it should come as no surprise that there are so many different flavors of Kit Kat available there. You can actually find them in more than 40 different flavors in Japan, and there are new versions made all the time.

So what flavors are available? You can get Sake flavor Kit Kat bars, sweeter flavors such as BlueBerry Cheesecake, or even some slightly more obscure Kit Kat flavors like Baked Potato. You can also get them in Wasabi flavor and more.

Kit Kats are available in a range of different stores in Japan, from your average corner shop to supermarkets. They are massively popular. This trend is also starting to become more popular outside of Japan too.

It is said that Japan sometimes eats up to five million Kit Kats per day.

What Other Things are Lucky in Japan?

The Kit Kat isn’t the only symbol of good luck in Japan. There are also a number of other symbols of good luck in Japan, including:

Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko is also known as the beckoning cat. It’s a little cat figurine and the Japanese consider it to be a symbol of good luck. They are usually white bobtail cats, and are also sometimes called waving cats.

This is because they have raised paws that make it look like they are waving. The gesture that the cat is making is often used in order to get someone to come towards you.


The Daruma is a fascinating symbol of good luck that is based on the Bodhidharma. The Bodhidharma is a monk that is responsible for Zen Buddhism. They are usually circular shaped, hollow figurines that are painted red.

They tend to have empty eyes when you first buy them, and then you need to paint one of the eyes in order to make your wish. If the wish ends up coming true you can then fill in the second eye. It’s a fascinating tradition! 


Omamori are lucky talismans. You can usually buy them from places such as shrines and they are seen to protect the wearer. They are usually wrapped inside of brocade bags.

You aren’t supposed to open them up and look inside as this can be bad luck. You can get omamori charms for all sorts of different things, such as for getting good grades or for having luck in love or business. They are rooted in Japanese tradition.


So in short, the candy bar that is considered to be lucky in Japan is the Kit Kat. These sweet treats are seen as rather ordinary in the United States, but they’re a pretty big deal in Japan.

Their popularity in Japan still remains today, and there are many different flavors available on the market for you to enjoy.

Perhaps you should try one of the new flavors the next time that you visit Japan? It may even bring you good luck.